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Aimbot smoothness is an aimbot setting that was developed to help counter people getting manually banned for using an aimbot. When someone sees that your aim looks unnatural, you’ll be much more likely to get reported. By turning up your aimbot smoothness, your snapping to targets will slow down and you’ll look more human.
Radar hacks are typically separate from the minimaps that come included with games. Compared to a minimap, a radar hack will show you the positions of your enemies at all times. Some radar hacks can even be configured to show you your allies or the positions of dangerous or helpful items on the map.
No recoil hacks are designed to help you improve your gunplay by either eliminating firearm recoil or reducing it to a more manageable level. The difference is that no recoil cheats are a lot easier to catch because they look more obviously like hacks than cheats that simply cut your recoil by a percentage.
By HWID locking our loaders, we help ensure that people can’t share our cheat loaders with their friends, getting them the cheats for free. With an HWID lock, an installer will lock itself to a particular computer and it will be unable to be used on any other machines, so be sure to install your cheats on your main gaming PC.
Yes, this stream proof cheat will be invisible to anyone watching your feed.
Like our cheats is meant to be easy to use. Before loading into the game, run the cheat loader to install the package. Once you’re in-game, you can configure your settings before loading in.

Yes when you buy monthly package you will get Link for support dashboard 7/24 Live and active.